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   If your answer is YES...Let us Show you how to hACK Your Health Insurance...

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How to HACK Your Health Insurance...

With Our $0 Deductible Solution, We Reduce the Employer Cost, Employee Out-Of-Pocket Expenses, and IMPROVE benefits coverage.  Get INSTANT ACCESS and watch how we do this...


 Group health insurance today is cRAZY expensive - for both the employee AND the employer. After you pay the premium you are STILL on the hook for $3000 or more on the deductible...


Watch this video where John Millen shares 3 Ways to save 20% on your GROUP health insurance!

Hi, I'm John Millen...

First, I want to be brutally transparent right from the get go.

Our approach to reducing healthcare costs AND improving coverage will probably NOT work for you. 

This isn't some marketing "trick", it's the truth. How can I be so confident saying this?  

One:  We aren't rookies trying to survive.
Two:  We're not desperate for clients.
Three:  We've been helping companies for 18 years.
Four:  We serve 142 clients with 7 rock star employees.
Five:  We only consider Hero Clients (ask me about this on our 15-min Chat)

So, if you're still reading you know we are not full of B.S.

Here's the MAIN thing I need to share with you...

Eighteen years in the benefits industry has taught me there are THREE main reasons why The $0 Deductible Solution may not work for you.

Reason #1:  You are living with a false belief. You believe there's nothing you can do to reduce the cost healthcare. So you give up looking for unique (proven) strategies others are using.

Reason #2:  You feel "loyal" to your existing broker/agent and are too afraid to get a 2nd Opinion. Why?  Because you are afraid to face the ultimate truth when you will have to call "Bob" and tell him you are taking a different direction for your business and employees. Click HERE to find out why you should be looking to get a second opinion... 

Reason #3:  Your business is SO profitable that saving $23,257 or $41,197 isn't worth the trouble.


If you are open to learning some new things...
and you ultimately have the courage to let go of "Bob"...
and you view your employees as an ASSET (not a liability)...
and you view employee benefits as an INVESTMENT (not an expense)...

Then let's talk.

Our mission is to hack - in a good way - the benefits package of small and medium-sized companies and make them amazing (or more awesome, if you think what you have now is "good"). 

Our goal is to save each employee $1,000 or more per year through LITTLE-KNOWN strategies used by our clients for the past DECADE.  

Our goal is to drastically ENHANCE the coverage 

Our goal is to save the employer 15-30% on your group medical rates. Then teach you how to use that immediate savings to hire an employee.

Our goal is to keep things SIMPLE!

Here are just a few more examples of benefit hacking...
  • ​How we hack dental insurance to provide almost 2X the coverage for the cost you pay now; and how you can lock in your rates until age 75!
  • ​How our vision "hack" will pay you $180 each year for frames.
  • ​How our urgent care "hack" provides access to a doctor in 15-min for ZERO...$0.00.
  • ​How our cancer insurance "hack" can allow you to get cancer insurance EVEN IF you've had cancer in the past.
  • ​How our life insurance "hack" can enable you to get life insurance with NO MEDICAL QUESTIONS; and how you can LOCK IN your rates for LIFE.
  • ​And over 70 other hacks we've researched, tested, and refined!!!
So, here is the next logical step.

Let's chat for about 15-minutes.  

On this phone call we will ask you a few questions to see if we can help you. 

In some cases, the "fit" isn't right as a Hero Client.  

In some cases, it's too early to help you.

In some cases, we can help.

If you spend $50,000 or more on your healthcare costs, and we can save you $10,000 or more immediately, with BETTER coverage, isn't that worth a 15-min phone call?


John Millen

Still not sure?  Watch this!  Then click the RED button.

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